Travel with Frances Ridley Havergal

Carol PurvesSKU: TWFRH2068 ISBN: 9781846252068



Hymn singing has always been important in Christian worship. From the time of the unaccompanied singing on the Mount of Olives after the Last Supper to the modern day 'worship bands', people have expressed their love of God in song.  
The hymns of Frances Ridley Havergal have been part of this long and loved tradition. It is possible to re dedicate our lives with her 'Take my life and let it be', to march triumphantly with 'Who is on the Lord's side?', or to rest in God's peace with 'Like a river glorious'.

About the Author:

Carol Purves is a freelance writer, former teacher, member of the Association of Christian Writers and Society of Authors, and author of 'From Prussia with Love' and 'Chinese Whispers' (also published by DayOne).


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DayOne has produced an extremely well presented book, a combination of the biography of Havergal & travel guide...over 150 colour photos, detailed maps, & guides of the areas where she lived & places of interest..thoroughly researched. The photos gives a sense of intimacy into the lives of the Havergal family & some of Frances' personal items, her Bible & a cross stitch bookmark has a poignancy about them. Miss Havergal was born 14/12/1836, the youngest of six children...she loved to write poetry & inherited a musical talent from her father...she had a great aptitude for languages & could speak French, German & Welsh; she studied Hebrew & Greek with her father & felt it added more meaning to the written Word as she read it. Frances had a retentive memory & learnt many passages of the Bible. She possessed a great love for the Lord & worked tirelessly & diligently witnessing the Gospel...the Havergals, as a family, were often busy evangelising the areas where the Lord put them. She penned a number of books. The Havergals were a close family & Frances was particularly fond of her father. It is mentioned "Wherever William worked, he left the church and worship in a more spiritual condition than he had found it." He was greatly mourned when he died in 1870, she wrote, "A home to me it cannot be, without my father's face." I highly recommend this book: "I did so want to glorify Him every step of the way." British Church Newspaper 07/05/2010 - J Barker

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