The Lord's Day

Day One Christian Ministries started in 1831 as the Lord's Day Observance Society. The aim of the LDOS was 'to preserve the sanctity and benefit of the Lord's Day in our increasingly commercialized and secular society' with the starting point that 'there is and always has been the Divine Authority and perpetual obligation of the Christian Sabbath or Lord's Day, and that in asserting that obligation, the gospel of the Grace of God through Christ Jesus should be proclaimed.' Today, Day One Christian Ministries campaigns for Sunday to be a day of worship and rest particularly as it is increasingly under threat from retail businesses, sports events and entertainment and as people seek to use Sunday as just another day to make money.

Day One exists to uphold and proclaim the Lord's Day as:

  • A creation ordinance
  • A command of God
  • A celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • A day of rest and worship for the glory of God and the benefit of man.

This is undertaken through preaching, publications and parliamentary action.

Christian Publishing

In the early 1990s, publishing became a core activity for Day One, with the introduction of several booklets dealing with topical issues. These proved extremely popular, and it was not long before small books began to be published. We assert that 'There is something for everyone from Day One', with books and booklets dealing with subjects as diverse as creation/evolution, bioethics, children's topics, church history, travel guides, evangelistic literature, daily devotionals and principles for Christian business people.

Day One's publishing mission statement is defined as follows:

'To publish and promote exciting and unique, high quality, Bible-based media, including books, digital products, and travel, to a worldwide market.'

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