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Christian Heritage Edinburgh

I've been a full-time evangelist for almost 29 years, having worked with London City Mission for 16 years, Edinburgh City Mission for 10, and Christian Heritage Edinburgh (CHE) for almost 3 years. We set up CHE in June 2014 because we saw the great need of digging up Edinburgh's amazing Christian history and bringing it out as a challenge and inspiration for Christians, as well as being a bridge for those who don't know Jesus. Typically our Christian Heritage Centre, which runs during the summer months, will attract between 10,000 - 15,000 people every season. We also run walking tours which have had a great impact on people. 

Paul James-Griffiths


Christian Heritage Edinburgh & Soul of Scoland Tours

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Discover Cambridge: Medieval seat of learning, mother of the English Reformation


For almost twenty years, Christian Heritage has been leading engaging and informative guided walks of Cambridge, pointing out the remarkable Christian influence on the university from its inception right up to the present day. At present we offer two walks;

The University Walk: this is our introduction to Cambridge’s colourful history, tracing in particular the Christian influence on its foundation, and the movements which have shaped the town and university from the Renaissance and Reformation to Abolitionism and the genetic revolution of the 20th century.

The Reformation Walk: few cities can lay claim to being as entwined with the English Reformation as Cambridge. On this walk we look at the lives of the Henrician, Edwardian and Marian Reformers who encountered, debated, spread and in some cases died for the truths of the Reformation highlighted by the likes of Luther, Zwingli and Calvin on the continent. The stories of little-known Reformers such as Thomas Bilney, Robert Barnes and Martin Bucer are instructive and timely for us as we seek to live out the Gospel in a frequently hostile world.

What time?

The University Walk departs at 2:15pm each day Monday-Saturday. The Reformation Walk should be booked in advance (minimum of 3 walkers). 

How long?

Our walks last between an hour and a half and two hours. Longer walks can be booked privately (see contact details below)

How Much?

The walks are £10 (standard price), £8 for students and 12s and under are free.


All of our walks begin at the Round Church. Located at the heart of historic Cambridge, the church has for over 8 centuries been a place for travellers to stop and find refreshment. This tradition continues now as the church is home to a Visitor Centre with engaging exhibitions on Cambridge’s Christian Heritage, and a working scholarly community, the Scriptorium.

Our guided walks are a wonderful way to become familiar with Cambridge’s debt to the Christian faith, and to be reminded that the Christian Gospel continues, even today, to exert a profound and living influence in Cambridge.

For a discount of £2 per person on our guided walks,

quote the code ‘Day One’ when booking.

To book a place on a walk, or a private walk for a group,

phone 01223 311602 or email