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Few have combined so many gifts and achievements in such a short lifetime as Charles Haddon Spurgeon. During his forty-one years as a Christian pastor and preacher, Spurgeon published 150 books, while preaching regularly to congregations of 6,000, in addition to launching almost seventy charitable causes, many of which still exist today. His impact was so great, that over a century after his death he is still read by millions on every continent.

Travel with Spurgeon will enable you to follow his life and retrace his journey 'from a teenage country pastor to the largest congregation in the capital city of the British Empire' during the heyday of Victorian preaching.

About the Author:

Clive Anderson is a Christian minister and author of nine books on historical and biblical subjects, including the prophet Nahum and Sennacherib of Assyria. He co authored with Brian Edwards the popular Though the British Museum with the Bible. Clive regularly leads tours of the British Museum and Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. He is married to Amanda and they live in Hampshire, UK.


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Spurgeon is a name that keeps recurring if you work in a Christian bookshop, but it takes a book like this for him to become a real vibrant personality, instead of the name of a long dead author. Spurgeon's life of travelling, preaching, writing and reading is second to none, his biography is engrossing, but this book also has guides to the many places associated with him and his family, plentifully illustrated with old prints and modern photographs. You can Travel with Spurgeon from place to place, or comfortably settled in an armchair, both journeys rewarding. GoodBookStall Review - 07/03/2005 - Mary Bartholomew

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