Travel with J C Ryle

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 During his thirty-six years as a country clergyman in Suffolk, J C Ryle wrote about 200 tracts, historical biographies and biblical commentaries. By these publications his name became well-known outside his rural parishes and at the same time he was an established preacher and popular speaker at national meetings and conferences. In 1880 he became the first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool and served in that capacity for the next twenty years. Today much that 'Bishop Ryle' wrote is still published and many of his tracts and publications are available on the numerous 'Ryle' Internet sites.

Like each of the books in this unique series, Travel with Bishop J C Ryle is both carefully researched and a valuable travel guide. With over 150 colour photographs and drawings, it will guide the traveller to many of the key locations associated with an evangelist whose parish was literally the world.

About the Author:

Alan Munden is a Church of England minister who has served in churches in Cheltenham; Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne; Coventry and North Warwickshire. His main historical interest is in the development of Anglican Evangelicalism and, apart from his research and writing, he enjoys listening to classical music, walking and visiting tea shops. He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and is married to Debra, a speech and language therapist, and they have two grown-up children.


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Alan Munden has packed an amazing amount of information into a small book..there are clear maps to help the traveller visit places ranging from the south coast, north to Macclesfield & Liverpool, eastward to rural Suffolk & many points between. Ryle was a prolific writer of tracts, some of which were developed into books. His writing is clear, incisive, easily followed. He was a true evangelical, deeply concerned for the conversion of sinners by preaching the great truths of sovereign grace. He faced inevitable opposition from within his own Anglican Communion, but maintained his consistent stand for the Word of God, the Lord's Day & the Protestant faith. There is here a wealth of history regarding Ryle's family & connections...the record of this godly preacher leaves the reader with an increasing feeling of wonder at the extent of his reading, writing & ministry through a life of many sorrows. Ryle experienced the loss of 3 wives & cared for his 3 young boys. 'As to holidays, rest & relaxation in the year. I never had any at all, when the whole business of entertaining & amusing 3 little boys in an evening devolved entirely upon me, both in body & mind, & I often wonder how I lived through it.' He was appointed first Bishop of Liverpool in 1880. There he faced an enormous task in developing a new diocese. Ill health forced his retirement in March 1900, followed by his death in June. Evangelical Times - Feb 2013 - P M Rowell, Crowborough

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