The Christian and Romance

Stuart BurgessSKU: CRDVD ISBN: 0602401832671



Many Christians have messed up in the area of romance, but it is never too late to seek purity and honor marriage.


Modern society disregards any absolute standard and leads many young people into relationships that are undefined, unhealthy, or just plain complicated.


Young men and women looking for love amid the relative opinions of popular culture often only find themselves struggling with devastating consequences and the heartache of relationship splits.


Stuart Burgess conveys the importance of upholding Biblical standards and addresses key questions to help the Christian follow God’s design for romance.



Also available as a Paperback book - click here



About the Author

Professor Stuart Burgess has lectured worldwide and authored several books on Christian apologetics and on Christian living. He has been the chairman of a university department with over six hundred students, as well as, a church pastor.



In both secular and Christian settings, Stuart has seen firsthand the blessings of purity in courtship and the serious problems of going against God’s design for romance.



Stuart has written the book "God’s Way for Romance" to give more detailed Biblical arguments for purity before marriage and to provide comprehensive guidance in the area of courtship.



In the video "The Christian and Romance", Professor Burgess explains key Biblical principles and answers common questions relating to courtship.



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