God's way for romance: Getting back to Biblical courtship

Stuart BurgessSKU: GWR4970 ISBN: 9781846254970



Sexual purity is one of the most important issues facing the church today.


There is great peer pressure to have sexual relationships before marriage, and that peer pressure has entered the church. Having seen first-hand the harmful effects of the relationship culture in universities and churches.

Stuart Burgess sets out the biblical reasons why it is right for people to save themselves for marriage, and gives guidance on how this can be done.

He also explains the blessings that result from keeping purity before marriage.

Also available as as DVD - click here

About the Author

Stuart Burgess has been a Head of Department and Senior Tutor at Bristol University in a department with over five hundred students.

He also has experience as a pastor and is regularly invited to speak at Christian conferences around the world.

He is married to Jocelyn and has five children.


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