A Cup of cold water

Julia JonesSKU: CCW 20X ISBN: 9781846250200



Even if you'd make the perfect contestant for the British TV show 'Can't cook, won't cook', this book is still for you!

Lack of culinary ability is probably one of the commonest objections to getting involved in giving hospitality. As Julia Jones looks thoughtfully at this subject, you will see that food plays only a small part, and, as the title indicates, hospitality can be as simple as tea and biscuits, or a cold drink on a hot day. Through true hospitality, relationships between Christians can be wonderfully deepened.

In this highly practical little book, Julia Jones gives careful consideration to such matters as the biblical basis for giving hospitality, why some people find it hard to show hospitality, what hospitality 'looks like', how to get ready for it, and how to exercise hospitality with sensitivity.

About the Author:

Born and brought up in Yorkshire, England, Julia Jones became a Christian during her student days. She later returned to student work with UCCF. For many years, Julia  has been involved in church ministry alongside her husband, Daryl. She is part of the FIEC women’s ministry team and speaks at women’s conferences.


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This is an excellent little book spurs all believers to show hospitality and gives lots of practical hints about how to go about it. Anyone can and should provide hospitality. The book tackles many of the excuses that we can all make for not showing hospitality and uses biblical teaching as the basis of the challenge to change our way of thinking. the author makes the important distinction between hospitality and entertaining. Hospitality is sharing our home and lives with others, whereas entertaining is seeking to impress with what we have or our amazing culinary skills. True Christian hospitality which freely shares can never be without cost, but we are called to be servants. She recognises that there is a spiritual gift of hospitality, but shows that giving hopitality strengthens real fellowship within the church, but is also a major witness to unbelievers who can see the love of Jesus being demonstrated practically. The author shares her experience of giving hospitality over many years and also the benefits she has found in receiving hospitality as well. I was pleased that she also includes a section on receiving hospitality. If it is offered it is to be accepted gracioiusly! This book does not take long to read, but if its message was taken to heart it would radically affect our corporate life in the churches. Grace Magazine 2006 - Pauline Johns, Caterham

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