A Practical Theology of Missions: Dispelling the mystery, Recovering the passion

Eric E WrightSKU: PTM1986 ISBN: 9781846251986



What is the church's work of missions & how should we carry it out? In this thorough study, Eric Wright roots missions solidly in the biblical text while giving modern, real-life examples of how missionary principles can be applied practically. He covers subjects such as missions & God's kingdom, the validity of mission boards, the role of providence, the necessary spiritual gifts, the multi-ethnic nature of churches, how to avoid dependency, the priority of church planting versus humanitarian ministries & short-term versus life-long missionary commitment. This book reverses the drift away from theology into pragmatics, without denying the importance of a dynamic methodology that responds to changing conditions. Regular snapshots of missionary life as it is being or has been played out in real situations ground the whole book in reality.

About the Author:

Eric E Wright grew up in Toronto, Canada. After his conversion, he studied Theology in South Carolina, USA, where he met & married his wife, Mary Helen. Called together to missionary service in the Muslim world, they ministered in Pakistan for 16 years. There Eric became co-founder of the Open Theological Seminary, now serving over 1,500 students. After returning to Canada, Eric pastored Long Branch Baptist Church, Toronto, served as interim pastor in six other churches, & taught both the history & theology of missions at Toronto Baptist Seminary. Eric & Mary Helen have three married children and nine grandchildren. They live in Salem, Ontario, Canada. Eric is also author of 'Down a Country Road: 52 seasonal reading from out where the sky springs free' published by DayOne

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