Wonders of Creation

Brian Edwards Stuart Burgess and Andy McIntoshSKU: CREATION ISBN: 9781846255656



Wonders of Creation – design in a fallen world

If the universe came into existence ‘by chance’, it did so against immeasurable odds. It follows that if every living thing evolved step by step over millions of years into the intricate, complex and kaleidoscopic beauty, order and design that we see around us, this also was against these incalculable odds. We may go further and claim that the vital interrelationship of the universe – the precise movements of the planets, the regular seasons of the year, the reliance of all living things upon each other – also evolved against the same unimaginable odds.
We must conclude either that everything – each individual detail – in the known universe, and especially planet earth, evolved against a series of unimaginable, unbelievable and infinitesimal odds – or we should look for an alternative and more reasonable explanation. It is that more reasonable explanation which is presented in this book. However, the beauty and order, the incredible harmony and diversity, is too often shattered by violence and pain, disorder and death. Before our journey in this book concludes, we will face the questions posed by theologians, scientists and philosophers for millennia: ‘What went wrong and what is the purpose of it all?’
But first, enjoy the panorama of a creation so beautifully detailed, ordered and complex that it would be unbelievable if it was not there in front of us.

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Customer Reviews

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Ruth Drapper

What a fantastic book. It is so colourful and informative. A great book to read to your children, or for yourself. It is full of enough technical stuff, yet easy for the ordinary person to understand. It is lovely to have around for visitors to pick up and glance through, and makes a brilliant gift for unbelievers. It is nice to have lots of the evidence for creation all catalogued in an orderly way, and so interesting that you can't put it down. Thank you.

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