Wisdom and Foolishness

Colin D Jones; Illustrator Graeme HewitsonSKU: HBCWF ISBN: 9781846253300



Each of the 'Just add Children' books offers a complete solution for anyone looking to run a Holiday Bible Club or Vacation Bible School.
  • A comprehensive guide to 'Running a Bible Club'
  • A Bible story for each day of the week (5 in all)
    • Adam & Eve
    • Job
    • Solomon
    • Jesus the wedding Banquet
    • Wise & Foolish builders
  • These are provided on a DVD as PowerPoint slides. You will not need to own PowerPoint to run them. They can also be printed for use as 'flash cards' if you prefer.
  • These are specially created for each Club. They are the latest graphic style and come with a full script for their use. Great care has been taken so that any representation of the Lord Jesus is done in such a way as reflect the fact that the Bible gives no indication as to his physical appearance. Many of the slides are animated.
  • A 5 day serial story based on the life of John Newton with all the same features as the Bible stories.
  • A unique theme song for each club supplied with words and music for piano, guitar etc.
  • Suggestions and examples of suitable games, quizzes and crafts
  • Printable memory verses
  • Printable registration cards
  • Printable workbooks
  • All the printable material is to be found on the DVD so there is no need to destroy the book to print the material


About the Author

Colin D Jones is a serving Pastor. He was born and educated in South Wales. He is actively involved in children’s work and has written a number of adult and children’s books as well as three Holiday Bible Clubs under the title 'Just Add Children'. He is married with four daughters, one granddaughter and two grandsons.




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