William Hartley - Greatest name in Jam : In God's Company

Peter LupsonSKU: IGCWH6684 ISBN: 9781846256684



Today William Hartley would be applauded for establishing a brand that made him immensely wealthy, yet his aim was not material success but to “serve the Lord every day to the best of my ability”.  His business practice reflected his faith, earning him an outstanding reputation for integrity, quality, and care for his customers & employees. Even during the horror years of the First World War he maintained the highest standards. A man of great compassion, he used his immense wealth to enrich the lives of others.


Peter Lupson is a former schoolteacher who has also worked in publishing.
For many years a Chief Examiner for GCE Advanced Level German, he is the author of a number of successful German text books as well as the widely acclaimed Thank God for Football! about the church origins of famous football clubs.
This book was the basis for a TV documentary series which he wrote and presented. He is married to Evelyn. They have a son and a daughter and four grandchildren.

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