Why are you downcast, O my Soul? One Christians heart restored

Phil CottrellSKU: WYD5731 ISBN: 9781846255731



Dealing with depression is not straightforward. In this journey through Psalms 42 and 43 author Phil Cottrell brings out the psalmist’s insights into the nature of this common ailment. The psalmist is honest about how he feels— his sense of estrangement from God, his deep sorrow and his self-questioning— but he sees that his hope for recovery lies with God. In the end, it is our loving Father who heals and restores. The biblical encouragements in this booklet will help those who suffer with depression to explore and deal with their own thoughts and feelings, and will also inform those who are not so afflicted.

About the Author:

Phil Cottrell was saved when he was fifteen years old. He lives in Shepshed and feels privileged to serve as a deacon at Shepshed Word of Life Church. He has been writing for many years and is the author of A Bruised Reed: One Christian’s Journey through Depression.(Published by EP Books 2013).


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