When God makes streams in the desert

Roger EllsworthSKU: WGSD1764 ISBN: 9781846251764



What is biblical revival? Many Christians associate revival with special meetings that used to take place once or twice a year. Guest preachers and singers would be brought in, and special evening services were designed to encourage believers to get closer to the Lord and to convince unbelievers to accept him as their Saviour.

But that is not revival. Biblical revival is about God bringing his people back to spiritual vitality. Only Christians can be revived because only they have spiritual life, having been regenerated by the Spirit of God on the basis of the redeeming work of Christ.

Learn what the Bible teaches about revival, and be inspired to pray that, even in our day, God will make streams flow in the desert!

About the Author:

Having served for many years as a pastor, Roger Ellsworth is currently engaged in itinerant ministry. He is also the author of fifty books, many of which have been published by Day One. He and his wife, Sylvia, have two sons and five grand-children.


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"refreshing accessibility"

When God Makes Streams in the Desert reminds us that revival is present when ‘remarkable life and power that cannot be explained accurately in any human terms’ moves into our churches and causes us to do what we do ‘at a completely different level’. This book will change the way you think about and pray for revival.
—Paul Orrick, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Greenville, Ohio

‘Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known...’ (Habakkuk 3:2). Roger Ellsworth creates a thirst in the heart for God to renew his works in our day. We live in a day when spiritual dryness and barrenness is so commonplace and so widespread that it somehow comes to seem normal. Like a man who has become accustomed to constant dehydration, we assume our symptoms are ‘just the way it is’. We have forgotten we are to have cups that overflow. With careful examination of the Word of God, When God Makes Streams in the Desert reminds a parched church that there IS a fountain of renewal. The book has a refreshing accessibility that makes it readable for every Christian and depth that makes it imperative for every pastor.
—Rev. Jason T. Hartig, Pastor, Smyrna Baptist Church, Humboldt, Tennessee

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