What does the Bible really say about...Marriage

Jeremy Bailey | What does the Bible really say

ISBN: 97816254574 | Day One Code: WBSM4574


Is marriage a good thing? Is there anything wrong with being single? With so many marriages ending in divorce with all its sad consequences wouldn’t it be better not to marry?  This book tries to explain the Bible’s teaching about marriage. Our society seems to be confused about what marriage is and whether marriage is necessary. This book takes us to the unchanging message of the word of God, helping us to see that marriage is a glorious gift of God to His created world.

About the Author:

Jeremy Bailey lives in South Wales with his wife Jenny. He pastored a church in Essex before becoming pastor of Bethlehem Evangelical Church, Port Talbot in 2005. He has been chaplain on many youth camps, works with teens and has prepared couples for marriage


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