What does the Bible really say about... Eating Disorders

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More than 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorders – and 14-25 year olds are most affected. What does the Bible say about this issue? If we’re struggling ourselves, how can we move forward? If we’re caring for others, how can we help? In this short booklet aimed at both sufferers and carers, Emma
Scrivener looks at how eating disorders work – and how Jesus offers hope.

Download the study questions here

About the Author

Emma Scrivener was born in Belfast, but now lives with her husband and daughter in the south east of England. She is the author of A New Name, which talks about her experience of eating disorders. Her second book dealing with pastoral care, will be published in 2016. She blogs at emmascrivener.net.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Cain
A book of hope and grace

A friend gave me this for my daughter who's in an EDU. I read it through first and, as well as the useful information and advice, it exudes love and grace to sufferers.
The information is spot-on and the advice is practical and agrees with the best advice I've found elswhere. Unfortunately, we seem to have to educate ourselves these days in such matters when they strike down either ourselves or our loved ones and this booklet is a great resource for that.
My daughter took it and later read it through. She texted my friend to say thank you and that it had helped her a lot and lifted her up. She now wants to look up the author's website and look at her other books.
Our prayer is that she might know for herself God's love and help and find grace to help her reach out to him for herself.
I gladly recommend this booklet to sufferers, carers, family members and those in the church who would like to support someone they know.

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