What does the Bible really say about Adam and Eve

Thomas FretwellSKU: WBSAE6318 ISBN: 9781846256318



Were Adam and Eve real historical people?  This is becoming an increasingly controversial question within the church.  This booklet explores the biblical teaching about Adam and Eve.  It will demonstrate why it is essential to understand that the Bible clearly teaches they were real historical people.  By using data from both the Old and New Testaments it seeks to provide a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches on this foundational issue.  


Thomas Fretwell lives in East Sussex with his wife and two children. He has both B.Th. and M.A. Degrees in Theology and is currently undertaking Ph.D. research. He is a tutor in Theology at King’s Evangelical Divinity School and is also an associate speaker with Creation Ministries International.  Thomas regularly speaks on a variety of biblical topics and apologetics issues. He hosts the Theology & Apologetics podcast and serves as an assistant pastor.

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