Twenty Biblical Characters

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Contained in this book is a compilation of twenty biblical characters, whose names are much less important than the one above. Names of people that the Creator created to lead us; warn us; challenge us; and encourage us in the Christian life. The authors’ sensitivity, gentle manner, and enlightening thoughtfulness, provoke us to learn many familiar and indeed not so familiar truths about the Bible. It is our wish that the name of the God of the Bible will be glorified and praised through the short extracts of the lives of these twenty characters. It is our prayer that our hearts will be set in tune with his calling, and our appetite whetted to study the character and attributes of our God, as contained within the Scriptures.

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Peter Murcott

20 writers have each contributed a brief character study, each 2 or 3 pages. Several characters are well-known, such as Esau, Moses, Lydia & Simeon. Some are less known, such as Elihu, from the book of Job, notable for his comment “Great men are not always wise!”. The first study is of Adam, followed by Elihu, who begins his lengthy discourse in Job 32:4. His contribution is analysed briefly, & it is noted that he uses the pronoun “I” 19 times. Nevertheless, it is said that “Elihu, for all his ramblings, declares the Majesty of God, & His sovereignty in all things” - which is a perceptive observation! Those who are older will be heartened by Caleb’s bright example, whose “faithfulness over God’s word didn’t waver”, since he was 85 years old when the children of Israel eventually reached the Promised Land. They would have got there several decades earlier had they listened to him (& Joshua) on the return of the spies. Abigail is an excellent example of “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver”, by her careful & wise diplomacy with King David, who was angry with her husband, Nabal, & was preparing for retribution. Obadiah is memorable as an instance of God retaining a faithful remnant in times of hardship. The author makes it clear this is not the same Obadiah whose book is the shortest in the OT. This book would make an excellent gift for those who are less knowledgeable & might give preachers some ideas for a series for sermons.

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