Twelve hidden heroes: Old Testament (Book 3)

Rebecca ParkinsonSKU: UHOT3478 ISBN: 9781846253478



Many people dream of becoming rich and famous. We are fascinated by the people who seem to be important, but often we don't notice those who are working tirelessly behind the scenes. The Old Testament is full of stories about men and women, boys and girls who simply did what God wanted them to do, knowing that they would never be famous for their actions - these are the Bible's hidden heroes. In this book Rebecca Parkinson looks at twelve of the unnoticed characters, like Deborah, Jethro, Abishai and Huram, who are rarely mentioned but who were used by God in a great way. You will also enjoy reading other books in the Hidden Heroes series.

About the Author:

Rebecca Parkinson lives in Lancashire with her husband and their two children. As a teacher and the leader of the youth and children’s team in her church, she loves to pass the Bible stories on to others in a way that everyone can understand.

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The Old Testament is increasingly unknown or ignored. This book seeks to redress the balance by introducing children to several Old Testament characters, who are seldom acknowledged, such as the Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah & Puah. The primary intention is to portray them as 'hidden heroes', which constitues a distinctive message in itself. Each chapter is based upon certain Bible texts, which are identified at the outset. And so, to continue with the example referred to above, to be found in Ch.3, entitled 'Always Late!', one is told: 'This story is based on Exodus 1:8-21'. This alone encourages the reader to turn to the passage & read it for himself. Each chapter concludes with 3 questions that draw attention to further Scriptures. Thus the book is not seeking to supplant the reading of the Bible; rather it is encouraging it. The incidents covered within the twelve chapters are very wide-ranging, including the story of Huram,Zerubbabel & Shallum's daughters,mentioned in Nehemiah 3:12. Those names alone might well challenge the Biblical knowledge of many adults, let alone children. The time is long overdue for the Old Testament to regain its rightful place. A thorough knowledge of this Biblical root from which Christianity flowered can only do good. Hidden Heroes not only reveals the author's extensive knowledge of Scripture, but also a desire to introduce it in an understandable way, which is to be recommended. British Church Newspaper - Feb 8th 2013 - Peter Murcott

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