Twelve hidden heroes: Old Testament (Book 2)

Rebecca ParkinsonSKU: UHOT22730 ISBN: 9781846252730



Many children and young people dream of becoming rich and famous. Most of them will never fulfil that dream. Sometimes we can become so fascinated by people who appear important that we fail to notice those who work non-stop behind the scenes. The Old Testament is full of mighty heroes who won tremendous battles or carried out amazing tasks. However as you search through the pages of the Bible you discover there are also many ‘hidden heroes'. These men and women, boys and girls were willing to stay in the background, largely unnoticed, but their lives made a huge impact on those around them and on the events that occurred. This book looks at twelve people in the Old Testament who may not be well-known but who show clearly that those people who stay in the background are just as important as those in the spotlight, in fact without them the stories would never have happened! The stories show us that, whatever our gifts and abilities, God has a very special plan for our lives.


About the Author:

Rebecca Parkinson lives in Lancashire with her husband and their two children. As a teacher and the leader of the youth and children’s team in her church, she loves to pass the Bible stories on to others in a way that everyone can understand.

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These well-produced paperback books are part of a series, books one OT and NT having already been published. There are stories of between three and six pages about Bible characters who are rarely mentioned, but whose actions were used by God to make a massive difference. Rebecca Parkinson brings to life such characters as Eliezer, Hur, Barzillai, Jehosheba and Baruch from the OT and Jairus, Philip, Silas and Paul's nephew from the NT by telling their stories as if from their own experience. This unusual approach obviously calls for imagination, yet she is careful to keep this within the bounds of the biblically recorded facts. Each beautifully constructed story ends with a paragraph or two of comment on how God used the person in his sovereign purpose. Unlike us, God uses seeminly unnoticed people, and those who work behind the scenes. Also there follow a few thoughtful questions, which could form the basis of further discussion with a child. I warmly recommend these books for use with children of all ages. Evangelicals Now - Feb 2012 - Christine Gobbett, Kent

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