True or false

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Are you searching for spirituality? It's important not to get the wrong product! Common opinion says that any one religious view is as valid as another, and that it is intolerant and hateful to believe in only one truth. But suppose there is only one truth; suppose spiritual deception is a real and present danger. True or False? considers five major differences between worship of creation and worship of the Creator. If you are puzzled by today's spirituality, this booklet will help you to make the most important choice - "the wisest choice". And if you are already a true believer in Jesus, it will help you share your faith in a convincing way.

About the Author:

Peter Jones holds an MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a ThM from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is Director of Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet and adjunct professor at Westminster Seminary California. He is an author of several books which analyse pagan spirituality.

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"cuts to the chase"

‘Peter Jones is on the cutting edge of culture. This book cuts to the chase on the issue of the viability of the truth of Christianity in the midst of paganism.’
—John MacArthur

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