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Although the name of William Cowper remains unknown to many, he was widely acclaimed as the greatest poet of his era - a literary genius. His verse was read by royalty, and towards the end of his life, he was granted a pension by King George III. Many scholars regard Cowper as having paved the way for the 'romantics': Wordsworth, Tennyson, Byron, Shelley and Keats. He made poetry more accessible to the ordinary person. Above all, Cowper saw himself called to point people to God through the medium of poetry, and in spite of his own tragic mental depression, he was immensely successful in this. William Cowper was undoubtedly the evangelical poet.

About the Author:

Paul Williams is married to Ruth, and they have three children, Becci, Rachel and Joel. Paul became a Christian whilst working as a Financial Accountant. A few years later he trained for the ministry at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales, and then became a pastor in mid-Wales for nine years. In 1998, Paul moved to Swindon Evangelical Church and Bible Institute, where he continues to serve as pastor. He also serves on the board of the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF), and lectures in systematic theology at their School of Biblical Studies. Paul is actively involved with the Pastors’ Association of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches(FIEC). Whenever possible, he (and Joel) enjoy fly-fishing.


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"transcendent legacy"

Another in Day One's series of travel guide/biographies, this ones subject is the late eighteenth century poet William Cowper. Many will know of - and some will have read - The Diverting History of John Gilpin and perhaps fewer will be acquainted with The Tack, but his most familiar lines are found in his hymns. Countless English speaking Christians will be grateful for Cowper's contributions to the 'Olney Hymns' from 'Hark, my soul! It is the Lord' to 'O for a closer walk with God' to 'Jesus, where're thy people meet'. There was much sadness in Cowper's life but these hymns are his transcendent legacy. GoodBookStall Review - 29/02/2008 - Ian Gibbs

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