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Rome lies at the heart of the Christian faith being the place where the two great apostles, Peter and Paul, both taught and died. Since the sixth century AD, books have been written about this wonderful city with the aim of encouraging pilgrims to come and draw spiritual strength from its history, culture and worship. One of the aims of this travel guide is to convey something of the challenge and inspiration of the early Christian communities of Rome.

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Nigel Scotland has spent the greater part of his life lecturing in church history at what became the University of Gloucestershire. He has been involved in church planting and since 2006 has taught theology students of Bristol Baptist College and Trinity College Bristol. Nigel is the author of more than a dozen books mostly on Christian history. His wife, Liz, died in 2010 and he has two married daughters and six grand children. He studied at McGill and Bristol Universities and earned a doctorate in Church History at the University of Aberdeen. His published work includes a study of the Lord’s Supper in Early Christianity.


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