Travel through Egypt

Clive & Amanda AndersonSKU: TTE1795 ISBN: 9781846251795



Egypt, the fabled land of romance, intrigue, mystery, and terror, but above all fabulous wealth and glittering gold!  Ever since Napoleon's invasion in the 1790s and the incredible discovery of Tutankhamen's intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, the world has been increasingly drawn to books, films, museums and exhibitions that focus on the land of the Pharaohs. Through the pages of this travel guide you are invited, from the comfort of your home, or in Egypt itself, to discover some of the many wonders that the land contains. This guide is predominantly concerned with biblical and Christian history, but also gives a flavour of other times and personalities.

We invite you to travel through Egypt with Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jeremiah, and Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus, along with other famous people of history, to discover events that have shaped history and caused generations to wonder about the land that lies either side of the River Nile.

About the Author:

Clive Anderson is a Christian minister and author of nine books on historical and biblical subjects, including the prophet Nahum and Sennacherib of Assyria. He co authored with Brian Edwards the popular Though the British Museum with the Bible. Clive regularly leads tours of the British Museum and Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. He is married to Amanda and they live in Hampshire, UK.


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Customer Reviews

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...this book will be a rewarding purchase. Although plainly not exhaustive, it touches on all aspects of Egypt & as an introduction to the subject, it will certainly whet the appetite...clear & modern layout. With an abundance of photographs, it is interesting just to browse through reading the captions, but the attendant text beckons, the fascination of Egypt soon takes a grip, & facts, history & wonder draw the reader on to more. This effect means that children will gain much from it as well as adults. The more sensitive, younger child may however be put off by the photos of mummies heads! The mores serious reader will find much information crammed into its pages. With chronologies, lists of Pharoahs, & ancient Egyptian gods, copious Bible references & many compelling details it is most enlightening. There is a list of contents at the front & the subheadings are also useful for pinpointing what you are looking for. This makes it an invaluable tool for the preacher or Sunday School teacher. It is entitled 'Travel through Egypt' & as a travel guide it is also useful, with helpful travel information, guides to museums & outlines of what is where, it can help in tours, or even in deciding which part of Egypt you might like to visit. I would however recommend reading through it before setting off as it will lay a foundation for the sights of the land. All in all this is an excellent addition to the 'Travel Series' 
Rev Mark Biddle British Church Newspaper, 26/02/2010

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