Thomas Cook - Travel Pioneer : In God's Company

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There is no name in the world more instantly recognizable in connection with travel than Thomas Cook. 
A devout Christian, his great passion was to bring people closer together and nearer to their Creator by making “God’s earth with all its fullness and beauty” accessible and affordable to all.  Renowned British Prime Minister William Gladstone ranked him among
the nation’s great public benefactors. 
This booklet accompanies a documentary telling the remarkable story of how Thomas Cook progressed from his early years of pain and struggle to becoming a household name across the globe.  A DVD is also available from DayOne, produced by Christian Television Association, which accompanies this booklet. Please see CLICK HERE or contact us for more details.

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Peter Lupson is a former schoolteacher who has also worked in publishing. For many years he was Chief Examiner for GCE Advanced Level German for the University of Oxford. He is the author of a number of successful school and university German and French text books as well as the widely acclaimed Thank God for Football! about the church origins of famous football clubs. He has written and presented a six-part TV documentary series based on the book which has been shown worldwide. His many speaking engagements as an author include the House of Lords. He is married to Evelyn. They have a son and a daughter and four grandchildren and are members of the Longcroft Church in Barnston, Wirral.

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