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Mission and Vision: Welsh greats who changed the world for Christ
series aims to stimulate an interest in the lives of men and women from
Wales who have had an amazing influence for good not only in the
country of their birth but often in many other lands as well.
It is staggering that the story of Thomas Coke of Brecon is so little known!
He opposed slavery years before Wilberforce began his campaign; he
led the Wesleyan Methodist work in Britain, Ireland, America and the
Caribbean islands; he was invited to preach before the American Congress;
and he crossed the Atlantic Ocean eighteen times in all on his pioneering
missionary journeys.

John Aaron followed a career, first as a physics teacher and then as a
school manager. He retired in 2013. He is married with two children and
six grandchildren, and is a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Swansea.
He has written numerous books and articles, mainly on Welsh church

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