Thirty More sparkling gems

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The promises of God recorded in the Bible are not only numerous. Each one is important in its own right and of great worth. The Bible is like a treasure chest and each promise is like a sparkling gem contained therein. This is a sequel to the author’s book, Thirty sparkling gems. It contains, as the title implies, meditations on thirty more of the precious promises of God. The selection includes twelve promises from the Old Testament; six given by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself while here on earth; four promises for the Christian life; five of a reward in heaven; and three promises of a glorious future for all who trust in Jesus as
their Saviour.


Peter Currie describes himself as only a sinner saved by grace. He spent twenty years working with an insurance company before becoming part of a team producing computer software for insurance companies worldwide. During this time, he also served as a leader of a Crusader Bible class for boys. Now, he serves as a deacon of Trinity Road Chapel, London.


‘In a world of promise making and promise breaking, when a person’s word is no longer their bond, when it is hard to discern what is truth, we need to listen well to the promises of God. It is essential for every Christian to think carefully about them, and allow the truth to penetrate their heart and transform their life. Once again, Peter Currie has gathered thirty more promises found throughout the Old and New Testaments that are surely worth pondering in our rather hurried and busy lives …Each of the promises will do your heart good and be kept by the God whose word is unwavering.’

Stuart Davis, Co-Pastor, Trinity Road Chapel, London

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