There is still much to do - The vital work of evangelism today

Andy BantonSKU: TSMD5939 ISBN: 9781846255939



‘Why hasn’t the Lord Jesus come back yet? 

Why am I still here on earth and not yet in heaven?’

Have you ever asked yourself those questions?  Surely there is only one answer to both of them: the Lord still has people to save!  There are still lost sheep to be found and brought safely into the fold of the kingdom of God.  Because the Lord has ordained that Christians are to be involved in finding those sheep, the work of evangelism is not yet done, and won’t be until the Lord returns.  So there is still much to do! The question for us is simple: are we willing to be involved in doing it?  This book is aimed at individual Christians and at churches to both encourage and challenge us all to be involved.  There is surely no greater work we could ever be doing than sharing the gospel with those who are still without a Shepherd!

About the Author: 

Andy Banton studied at London Seminary in the late 1980s.  He has served with the Open-Air Mission for nearly twenty-one years and has been its General Secretary for sixteen years.  His role involves the day-to-day running of the Mission and preaching in various churches around the country.  He also preaches in the open air on a regular basis and takes assemblies in three local schools every half-term.  Andy and his wife, Ruth, live in Dunstable.  They have four children.


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