The Viewing — An outside-in view of Essential Christianity

John BaldockSKU: VIEW6356 ISBN: 9781846256356



House viewers need to see past the current decor and furnishing, imagining how the different room spaces might work for them; this book requires no such translation. The Viewing doesn’t use religious language and isn’t about religious practices – it reveals the essence of Christian faith, based entirely on what can be understood from what the Bible has to show us. 
The Viewing addresses 70 questions that are often raised by people who don’t consider themselves to be Christians, who may even be unsure if they believe that God exists. Maybe you have considered some of these and would really like to find answers that satisfy you. As you read you won’t come across forceful, cleverly constructed arguments designed to prove a point. The Viewing provides honest, straightforward explanations; the sort that you might hope would be shared during a relaxed conversation.


John Baldock is a thinker: a Christian teacher with a pastoral heart. 
Theologically trained at Birmingham Bible Institute, John has some 50 years experience of communicating Bible truth. 
His motivation is to help others to understand the foundations for faith in God – the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what’. 
John is married to Jean and lives in Worcester, UK.

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Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly good!

When I first heard about a book that would answer all of my friend's questions about my faith, to be honest, I was very sceptical! How do they even know which questions my friends are asking? And even if they do get the questions right, how are they going to answer? There are about as many different answers to some of the questions my friends are asking as there are Christians on the planet. Which answer will this book present and will I agree with it?

When I got my hands on a copy, I went straight to the most difficult questions first - the ones that would usually make me cringe. I was amazed. The author had confidently and skillfully put together a short, simple and well presented point of view that was easy to understand and hard to argue with. I checked another tricky subject, and found he had nailed that one too. And so I went on until I finished the book in one easy effortless sitting.

I finished the book surprised, with a renewed confidence that even the hardest of questions could have beautifully simple answers. You don't need to explore every angle every time. By all means feel free if you want to, but you don't need to. This book has taught me that it is possible to steer a clear and concise path through controversial topics and I have discovered the peace and joy that comes with being able to accept the beautiful simplicity of our faith afresh.

Andrew Lake
Good to give away or keep

A very helpful book for somebody who has questions about the Christian faith. John writes in a very practical way explaining many questions that both new believers and people looking at the faith may have. Certainly a book worth passing on to someone who is searching for answers to questions

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