The Sovereignty and Supremacy of King Jesus

Mike AbendrothSKU: JGD2679 ISBN: 9781846252679



What thoughts flood our minds when we think about God? Do we think of Him as King? If so, what kind of King? In this book Mike Abendroth seeks to address a twofold problem: most Christians do not consider God as any type of Monarch, and, if they do, they think about monarchs that are weak rather than reflecting on the utter Lordship of God, the ultimate King.

In Part 1, Mike Abendroth demonstrates that the whole Bible reveals God as King.

In Part 2, he describes the life-changing implications that flow from that revelation. Filled with insightful quotations, worshipful hymns, and thoughtful study questions, this book helps us to biblically embrace God as our King.

About the Author:

Mike Abendroth graduated from The Master’s Seminary (M. Div.) in 1996 and became the pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church, West Boylston, MA, in 1997. He received his Doctorate of Ministry in Expository Preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006. One of his passions is training men to teach the Bible expositionally. He is the author of Jesus Christ: the Prince of Preachers (Day One, 2008). Mike is the host of the daily radio show, No Compromise Radio ( He and his wife, Kimberly, have four children.


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Customer Reviews

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I wholeheartedly endorse this book & strongly encourage you to carefully read its invaluable resource.
—Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Alabama

The modern day pseudo-sophisticates who attempt to craft a 21st-century culture featuring the autonomy of individuals who rule their own lives have blindly overlooked one basic fact of life – Jesus Christ in heaven & on earth has always been & will forever be “King of kings & Lord of lords” (1 Tim 6:15; Rev 17:14; 19:16). Scripture unmistakably, frequently, & compellingly presents Christ’s kingship in a timeless, omnicultural & obligatory sense. Abendroth’s courageous portrayal of King Jesus can bring light & life to a dead & dark generation which futilely exchanges the eternal glory of God for the bankrupt, alleged grandeur of humanity. This volume captures the profound sense of Jesus’ kingship which makes it a must read for all Christians & for those seeking to know the regal reality of life eternal in the kingdom of God.
—Richard Mayhue, Th.D., Executive Vice President and Dean, The Master’s Seminary, CA

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