The Grace of God and MS - The story of Ann Yates

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Reading about the lives and experiences of Christians who, through faith, have overcome trials and tribulations brings us great encouragement and magnifies the grace of God.  We often read about men and women of faith who have carried out great exploits. This book tells of a different kind of trial: the daily struggles faced by an ordinary Christian couple as they live with MS.  In this honest and, at times, deeply moving account, Les first tells of his childhood, wonderful conversion and meeting Ann, and then of her devastating diagnosis of MS after thirty years of happy marriage.  Through sharing his experiences as Ann’s full-time carer, he traces the Lord’s hand working for his and Ann’s good, even in the most challenging circumstances.

About the Author:

Leslie Yates was born in 1940, brother to two elder brothers and two younger sisters. In 2005 he retired from fifty years of secular employment, which he spent mostly in the printing industry. He is married to Ann and in December 2017 they celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary. They have two sons and two grandchildren. Les became an elder in the local fellowship in 1966, retiring from that role in 2015. Through the grace of God he and Ann continue to worship God on a regular basis with their faithful brothers and sisters of Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, Lancashire.

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