The Dark Star

H R HessSKU: RLDS8368 ISBN: 9781838188368



"Runa decided now was the time to slip away. She grabbed her bag and cloak, intending to run for the trees."

In Callenlas, dragons carry riders on adventures, and stars are rumoured to live among human beings. Caught up in a war that threatens everything they have ever known, a downtrodden apprentice and a discontented princess find themselves drawn closer and closer to the great King Elior.

Will he prove to be Zaphreth's greatest enemy, or the hero of Runa's legends?

Product Info

ISBN: 978-1-8381883-6-8

Pages: 320

Ages: Teenage and Young Adult

Trim: Paperback

Publication Date: March 2022

About the author

H.R. Hess is married to Stefan, and mum to three children. Having enjoyed many adventures from her armchair she decided to write her own. The Dark Star is her first novel. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Felicity Carswell
Bible truth that threads through a brilliant adventure

I loved it! The Dark Star is an intriguing adventure from the start. We’re introduced to our two protagonists, both involved in different missions, and who’s paths eventually cross. Gospel glimmers strengthen as we meet the kind and strong king Elior, and we begin to see why one young boy says that ‘he’s finally found someone worth following’.

We feel ourselves pulled towards Jesus as we hear his voice through this story.

Beautifully crafted, compellingly told and full of Bible truth that threads through a truly brilliant adventure!

Rob Seabrook
Great pace!

The book is ideal for readers aged 8 or 9 and above. Pace is so important to keep all readers engaged, and this one races along, the reader quickly getting drawn in to the adventures of the two main protagonists.

There is plenty of lovely description and intrigue to keep the pages turning. I have a feeling that there will be many of young readers waking up a bit bleary eyed, having read well into the night!

There are Christian themes running through the book, making it a great allegorical story for the Christian reader. It is a wholesome, clean book with strong underlying principles that allows younger readers to fire their imaginations and be inspired.

I am very much hoping that there is a sequel or two on the way!

Tama Fortner
The Dark Star is for every boy who feels the pull to be something more, and for every girl who lo...

“Zaphreth stood alone under the stars, their light caught in his hair like dust.”

So begins this story of adventure, deepest betrayal, and undeserved redemption.

Debut author H. R. Hess invites readers to soar into a world of dragon riders, Sendings, and stars that come down to walk the earth. It is a world locked in war and the timeless battle between good and evil. Here, Zaphreth leaves behind all he knows to embark on a mission to infiltrate his enemy’s inner circle. On the other side of the battle lines, Runa escapes her father’s palace and a life she did not choose. When their paths unexpectedly cross, the adventure truly begins.

As a reader, I’ll confess that fantasy isn’t my go-to genre, but I’m so glad I gave this one a try. Hess exhibits a care with words that is too rarely seen—her writing is simply beautiful.

With echoes of the Christ and our own redemption story, The Dark Star is for every boy who feels the pull to be something more, and for every girl who longs to choose a life of adventure and meaning.

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