The Christmas Hero

Anne JordanSKU: CH7353 ISBN: 9781846257353



Stefan is worried.  Very worried indeed.  He loves living in The-Front-of-Beyond, with Mor and Malc and Mamo, and he especially loves Christmas in The-Front-of-Beyond. But this Christmas things may be different. There might be no cheer. There might be no joy. There might be no presents. Something is threatening to steal Christmas from the Beyonders. Something bad. And Stefan may be the only one who can stop it.


Anne Jordan lives in Leicestershire with her husband Paul. After becoming a Christian in her teens, Anne trained to be a primary teacher. When her children left home, she became an adult education tutor, teaching people with learning difficulties and disabilities. She also taught creative writing to a class of adults who were recovering from mental health problems. Anne is now retired but has a heart for vulnerable children as well as a love of history. She hopes you enjoy reading this book.

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