The Balanced Pastor

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John Benton’s series of booklets produced for his work with the Pastors’ Academy are now being made widely available.

Those leading churches face many challenges through which the church must still be cared for. This volume contains three booklets giving principles and direction for a caring leadership facing different tensions.

Servant Shepherds was written to encourage pastors, ministers and other leaders to care for their people well and to avoid spiritual abuse.

But there is the other side of the coin, when individuals are awkward and difficult, mounting attacks on the pastor. Taming Dragons was written to encourage leaders to handle such situations in a Christ-like and balanced way.

Freedom & Humanity in the Churches addresses the culture of church. Sometimes problems between leaders and congregations arise because the church has lost its vision, or become unhealthy, claustrophobic and legalistic instead of being full of love and truth to the glory of Christ.

 This omnibus edition book aims to equip and encourage pastors as they shepherd their churches.

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