ACE Survival Team (The)

Mary Weeks MillardSKU: AST5243 ISBN: 9781846255243



For Luke it was exciting to be flying out of the Congo and all the way to Kenya for school—but when the plane crashes in the mountains, will Luke, his three school friends and the
Pilot be able to survive in the forest and reach safety. How will they cope with the dangers they encounter.

About the Author:

Mary Weeks Millard began writing after she was widowed in 2000. She remarried Rev. Malcolm Millard and they live in retirement, in Weymouth. Mary has three married children and five grandchildren. For the past ten years she has been involved in short term missionary work in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi using her nursing and health education skills. After many years of involvement in Sunday school and Bible Class teaching she now enjoys writing books to encourage young people to grow in the Christian faith.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Murcott

This children’s story is set in Africa and it relates particularly to 3 countries. It is about 4 children, living in different places, who have this in common: they are to attend a school in Kenya. They will be transported there by an experienced pilot, called Joel, a New Zealander. 3 of the children come from a Christian background. The other, called Julienne, does not, & soon shows it. The aircraft for the journey to Kenya is fairly basic, and the rainy season is imminent. At first, all goes to plan. The route has to be modified, because a sick man requires transport to a hospital. This entails a detour. It is whilst the plane is on the way to collect him that a crisis arises, due to a broken piston in the engine and the pilot is compelled to make a crash landing on a plateau in a remote area, surrounded by rain forests. Everyone manages to escape; but that creates a serious problem, which forms the main part of the tale. Given that the majority of the passengers are Christians their faith is put to the test. Gradually, this has a beneficial effect on Julienne. How they cope with the crisis is told in a convincing manner. The author is obviously knowledgeable about the geography of the countries, and the passing references to the culture and the language are both authentic and interesting. This is a well-told, captivating story where faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is skilfully woven like a golden thread throughout. It would be enjoyed by children of primary school age.

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