Six Day Creation: Does it matter what you believe?

Robert GurneySKU: SDC0972 ISBN: 9781846250972



Ever since long-age geology & the theory of evolution became established in the nineteenth century, Christians have been divided over how to respond to the secular views of origins. Among evangelicals there are two main positions. One is to accept the secular view in whole or in part, & to reinterpret the Bible to harmonize it with that view. The other is to reject the secular view, believing it to be incompatible with the Bible & contrary to the evidence. Are both these positions equally valid, or is one right & the other wrong? And does it really matter? This booklet examines some of the biblical, scientific & historical issues,& helps the reader to understand the debate & to make an informed choice.

About the Author:

Robert Gurney was born in Burma of missionary parents. After qualifying in medicine at Bristol University, he worked in a hospital in Nazareth, Israel, as a medical missionary in Tanzania & Kenya, & as a general practitioner in Devon before his retirement. He is the author of a book & a number of articles in theological journals on the subject of Daniel's prophecies. He has been interested in creation & evolution since his schooldays, & this booklet has been written after many years of searching for the truth concerning this issue


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