Simon Peter: The Training Years

Helen ClarkSKU: SPTY1573 ISBN: 9781846251573



What do you think of when you hear the name 'Simon Peter'? Perhaps you immediately remember the time he denied three times that he knew Jesus - at the very time when Jesus was about to face the death penalty and needed his friends' support the most!

So what could we possibly learn from a life of terrible failure? In this, the first of two books on Simon Peter's life, Helen Clark shows us that his story is not one of failure, but one that should encourage us if we want to be followers of Jesus. This uneducated fisherman made some terrible mistakes, but Jesus still loved him and gradually made him into a bold follower who would eventually be a great preacher and powerfully used by God. We may find that we are more like Simon Peter than we thought, and that we make the same mistakes he made, but we can be transformed by following Jesus just as he was.

About the Author

Helen Clark was brought up in a Christian home in England and became a Christian at the age of 16. She became a nurse, was involved in youth work and married Stuart in 2006. They now live in Durban, South Africa. She is the author of further books in the 'Pocket Bible People' series.

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Customer Reviews

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I read this book of personal Bible study as it was intended, a section each day. I was most impressed. The book goes through Simon Peter's early years, following the Savioiur and learning, sometimes getting things wrong. But all the time he is being trained by Jesus for the task of church leadership which lay ahead. The book is most attractively produced, of a size to fit into a pocket. It is intended for an adolescent readership and has been welcomed by people in their 20's. A passage of Scripture is given to be read before embarking on the study: it is not printed out but sends the readers back to their own Bible. There is a clear account of anything needed for the background and understanding of the passage. Then the passage is applied under a section called 'Message for Today' and this is where the book scores highly in giving young people guidance in applying the passage to daily living, pitched at their level. The section ends with a 'Think Tank' to provide further thought in applying what has been read. Because this book is intended for young people, I gave it to several to read and comment on. It was received with enthusiasm. They liked the straightforward style, not attempting to use 'adolescent language', which sometimes misfires. Some of them read the studies together and it worked well for them. The studies can be personal Bible studies or worked on by 2-3 or more at a time. Evangelicals Now - Oct 2009 - Sonia Wardle, Grove Chapel, London

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