Shape of things to come

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Obesity and being overweight is one of the greatest challenges in the modern world and Christians are not immune from its consequences. This sin has multiple impacts on us all – physically, mentally and spiritually – as well as on the environment and our global community.
This book takes you through those impacts in a systematic way by bringing the issues together in a comprehensive manner, outlining the outcomes by using both the Bible and the latest research, and helping us to be proactive as we seek to live as God intended.
Along with chapters looking at obesity, its subsequent health issues and the impact on the environment, there are also chapters dealing specifically with exercise, body image and the effects of sugar.
At the end of each chapter, there are action points to help you consider your lifestyle as you live for Jesus.

About the Author:

Andrew Drury is an experienced writer. He worked on equality and diversity issues in a major government department, and he has written about work and social justice for various publications and organizations, collaborating on one book and being the author of another. His main motivation for writing is to enable people to grow in their walk with God.   He is married to Deborah, a teacher, and they live in Surrey. Follow him on Twitter at @andrewdrury172 and visit his blog,


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