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Mary Weeks MillardSKU: SS6844 ISBN: 9781846256844



Seb enjoys belonging to a family with loving parents and three unique,
warm-hearted sisters, but there is a part of his past that continues to
haunt him. Who is his birth mother? Why did she abandon him? And
why is he repeatedly tormented by the same dark nightmares when he
When Seb and his family go on a quest to explore his roots in Uganda,
he is plunged into an adventure that tests his faith, his family and his
friendships. What will he discover?

Mary Weeks Millard has been writing books for
young people since 2009. She is a retired nurse
and midwife who lives in Dorset along with her
husband, Malcolm, a retired Anglican minister,
maths teacher and missionary. Mary has three
married children and five grandchildren, her
pride and joy, and her hobbies include reading,
photography, art, crafts and walking by the sea.
After the death of her first husband Philip Weeks
in 2000, she began writing books, and these
include her autobiography, five biographies and twenty-five books for
children and teens. Her longing is to inspire young people to find faith
and follow in the Christian way throughout their lives. Her inspiration
often comes from the beautiful Dorset countryside as well as from her
experiences as a missionary in East Africa.

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