Same sex marriage

Mark ChristopherSKU: SSM1634 ISBN: 9781846251634



The topic of homosexuality and same-sex marriage is one of the most contentious issues to ever confront the church in 2000 years. In this well researched tool Pastor Christopher tersely surveys the essence of this raging debate while seeking to answer many of the pertinent questions 21st century Christians are asking. Readable, relevant, and biblical, this well reasoned resource will inform and challenge you by speaking the truth in love.

About the Author:

Mark Christopher came to Christ twenty-eight years ago while serving in the U.S. Air Force. He is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary (M.Div.). He was ordained by Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, in 1994. Upon ordination, he and his wife, Debbie, were sent out by Dr. John MacArthur Jr. and Grace Church to serve as church planters in Cape Town, South Africa. The Christophers serve under Cornerstone Ministries International, Vallejo, California. Mark and Debbie, along with their two children Janelle and Micaiah, currently minister at Living Hope Bible Church, Wynberg, South Africa, where Mark is the pastor- teacher.


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Customer Reviews

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In this timely book, Pastor Mark Christopher brings the weight of God’s unchanging truth to bear on the hotly debated issue of homosexuality & same-sex marriage. Scholarly & scriptural, this concise treatment is a great resource for every concerned Christian.
—John MacArthur Jr., Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

Here is a powerful expose & rebuttal of the arguments for same-sex marriage which will serve to arm the Christian Church to make battle against the forces seeking to destroy the institution of Biblical marriage. Mark Christopher presents a concise but scholarly book, pregnant with current & relevant material, which will become a tool to understand the issues involved & to use for the defense of marriage.
—Alex Montoya, The Master’s Seminary

Mark Christopher offers a well thought out & researched solid biblical answer to the question. He examines & exposits key biblical passages & concepts of what God intended marriage to be. He proceeds to expose the folly of some of the presuppositions that homosexual proponents & activists raise in support of the normality of homosexuality. Pastor Christopher provides a helpful strategy for the church. The author cogently & convincingly demonstrates that no, they are not the same.
—Dr. Wayne Mack, Bibilcal counselor, lecturer

brief, but compelling examination of ‘same-sex marriage’ from a biblical perspective...clear, cogent & written in a good spirit. —Paul E Brown, UK

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