Sam in the Crimea

Norman CookSKU: SAMC453 ISBN: 9781846250453



Join Sam Clarke and Carrots the donkey as they stowaway on board a ship bound for the Crimea … and Sam's father, Colonel Hopwood. Follow them through the streets of Constantinople and the docks of Balaclava, where Sam and his new gypsy friends take on cut-throats and bandits. Lie low in the ‘Valley of Death' as they witness the Charge of the Light Brigade, and pray with Sam that his injured father will somehow pull through. As Sam helps tend the wounded—with Florence Nightingale at the hospital in Scutari, and right on the battlefields with Mary Seacolecan do you, like him, sense him being called to a future in medicine? Sequel to Sam and the Glass Palace.

About the Author:

Norman Cook lives in Essex and was a physics further education lecturer for 35 years before retiring in 2003. He has written a number of physics and engineering textbooks. Since retirement he has taught part-time at a university. In the early 1980's while attending a Shaftesbury Mission, he wrote a number of plays on Christian themes. Since then, he has had an ambition to bring the work of Shaftesbury to a wider public, which led among other things to his writing 'Sam and the Glass Palace'.

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