Sam and the glass palace

Norman CookSKU: SAM ISBN: 9781903087428



Sam Clarke is an orphan, forced to run the streets, but deep inside lurks burning ambition. He wants an education but, above all, he needs a new mum and dad to take care of him. After coming into contact with Lord Shaftesbury and the Ragged School Union, the first part of his dream starts to come true. Soon he is spending mornings polishing shoes at London's Crystal Palace while attending school in the afternoons. But will the dream turn to a nightmare when Sam's wicked uncle, Pineapple Jack, suddenly appears, or will the young shoeblack win through with the help of his friends?

About the Author:

Norman Cook lives in Essex and was a physics further education lecturer for 35 years before retiring in 2003. He has written a number of physics and engineering textbooks. Since retirement he has taught part-time at a university. In the early 1980's while attending a Shaftesbury Mission, he wrote a number of plays on Christian themes.

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Customer Reviews

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This is a novel based on the story of a child rescued from the streets in Victorian England. The book is well written, enjoyable and exciting and would suit 8-11 year olds. The work of Lord Shaftesbury forms the background to the story and shows how his Christian faith changed the life of many orphans both practically and in sharing the gospel with them.' Heather McCullough - Reformed Pres. Church of Scotland, N.I.

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