Riches in Romania

Rebecca ParkinsonSKU: RIR3607 ISBN: 9781846253607



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Jenny's parents have always been able to give her everything she wants until her dad begins a new job working for a Christian charity. As Jenny struggles to come to terms with their new lifestyle, her family is invited to take part in a farming project in Romania and Jenny sets off on an adventure that will ultimately change her life! As Jenny and her brother David spend time in a small Romanian village they make friends with the local children and begin to realise that friendship can break down barriers of wealth, language and culture. However when Jenny's precious locket goes missing it seems that everything has gone wrong, until a guard, previously in the Communist regime, teaches her the secret of forgiveness and encourages her to set about putting things right in her own life. It is hoped that this book will introduce children to life in Romania. It aims to show how many of us have become so caught up in materialism that we have lost something of the purpose and the wonder of life. It also aims to show how the love of God breaks down barriers and that forgiveness is the only way to live happy and fulfilled lives.


About the Author:

Rebecca Parkinson lives in Lancashire with her husband and their two children. As a teacher and the leader of the youth and children’s team in her church, she loves to pass the Bible stories on to others in a way that everyone can understand.

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Customer Reviews

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As a Sunday School teacher I am always on the lookout for good Christian books for children, and if this excursion into the market by Day One is representative then they have succeeded where others have failed. The themes of sin, repentance and forgiveness are explored in a story that will appeal particularly to girls in the 8-12 age group (that's my assessment – I think it's better not to print such suggestions on the cover in case the book is to be given to a child whose abilities do not match their age). The book also compares the affluence of Western Europe with conditions in rural Romania, thereby teaching some important lessons about materialism in a way that children can relate to. It would provide a good springboard for discussion about the issues involved. On top of this, the story is well-written, which is not always the case with Christian children's books. As a result I read it with pleasure, which is always a plus if you are looking for a good bedtime story. GoodBookStall Review - Paula Hill - 30/11/12

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