Resurrection - its message and meaning

Ian McNaughtonSKU: RMM6837 ISBN: 9781846256837



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There is hardly a more important topic for the Christian to consider than the resurrection. It is the one thing that makes our faith unique.

There is no greater victory than victory over death and Ian McNaughton’s book examines its reality, impact and importance from a variety of angles.

Written with the pastoral insight for which McNaughton is known for, The Resurrection provides some vital insights on the most vital of subjects.

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David Tyler, Hyde
The Resurrection: its message and meaning

The Apostle Paul identified anchor truths of the Christian faith in the 15th chapter of First Corinthians. He writes of Christ being crucified for our sins, being buried in a tomb, and rising again from the grave. These are all historical events rich in spiritual meaning – but strongly contested today. This book not only clarifies the history, but it also shows that resurrection teaching is found throughout both the Old and New Testaments. The details of the Gospel accounts are gathered into a coherent narrative, and the evidences for the resurrection of Christ are set out. We need to remember that the early Christians, and believers through subsequent centuries, have found these evidences compelling and life-changing. Several chapters examine biblical teaching on how resurrection relates to every human being. These cover the intermediate state following the death of our bodies, the intercession of Christ during our earthly life and when we die, and what we know of our resurrection bodies. Too often in our culture, spirituality is content-free: mysticism and awe are tolerated, but not the thought that God is personal and active in our lives. The Bible teaches us that history is God’s story and it recounts his mighty acts. This book on the resurrection will sharpen our thinking and equip us in witness.

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