The Resurrection

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The fourth edition of this book presents the evidence that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead, producing an empty tomb and a living Saviour.
The book simply and straightforwardly answers arguments against Christ’s resurrection and gives reasons
why we know He is alive.
It then majors on some amazing blessings and advantages experienced by those who now trust in the risen
This multi-faceted gift is offered to all who turn from sin and put their faith in Christ.
Many people rightly believe that Jesus is alive, but some fail to receive and open the gifts included in the salvation package He gives.
This edition contains evidence, in a new Appendix, both from the Bible and from reliable sources outside


‘As a teenager my faith took a quantum leap forward when I heard Gerard Chrispin present clear and
cogent evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this book, as a lawyer experienced in evaluating evidence, he starts with the cast-iron case for the resurrection and then powerfully explores its practical implications.
He explains how the resurrection can beneficially affect our daily lives personally and our thinking radically.’
Stephen Wright, Barrister-at-Law, Belfast 

‘Gerard Chrispin’s book … unwraps the meaning and the power of the resurrection and sets it forth in
clear and compelling style … shows why we believe Christ is risen.’
Dr John MacArthur, Writer, Broadcaster, Pastor/Teacher, Grace Community Church, California


Gerard Chrispin is happily married to Phillippa, with three adult children and a full age range of eight grandchildren.
His books and booklets—some detailed inside the back cover— have helped many people. His main Christian work has been in prisons (as a chaplain and with Christian Prison Resourcing), in churches (teaching, preaching and leading), in interdenominational youth work (with Young Life), and in the holiday
work of United Beach Missions and Christian Answer. This former criminal and contracts lawyer, and ex-rugby player and cricketer, enjoys life fully. He prays this book will encourage folks to know, trust and follow Jesus.

the Bible.

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‘Reading this book gave me a growing awareness that the truth of Jesus’ resurrection influences all areas of our daily Christian lives.’
—John Dargie, Grapevine

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