Psalm 126

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God’s people are on a journey that will bring them, in God’s perfect timing, before His throne in heaven.
At the end of our journey, there awaits us a home prepared by God’s Son, Himself – our Saviour King.
However, we are not there yet.
Until that day comes, God’s people live here on earth in the light of that eternal home, knowing where we have come from and where we are going.
In Psalm 126, God shows us something of the journey and the ways in which we can be the salt and light His Son called us to be.


‘Written in an engaging style – often humorous – this book takes us on a journey into a deeper understanding of this great Psalm. Setting it in its historical context – with detailed exposition, helpful illustration, and compelling application – Chris Hughes, as always, brings God’s Word alive for the twenty-first-century Christian.’
Jim Winter, Retired Pastor and Day One Council member
‘In this short and very readable book, Chris does an excellent job of helping his readers ascend the heights of Psalm 126. He takes great care to set it within its wider biblical context and to show us how it fits into the sweep of salvation history. But with great skill, he also allows this little portion of God’s Word to teach, rebuke, correct and train us in righteousness, with the aid of some helpful personal insights and illustrations from his own life and ministry’
Jonathan Berry, Minister and Team Leader – Above Bar Church, Southampton


Chris Hughes, before his retirement, spent over forty years as a Solicitor and was also a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner dealing largely with Wills and related matters.
In addition, he served two FIEC Churches in Hampshire: one for some fourteen years as Assistant Pastor and then Pastor.
He is married with two children and three grandchildren.
He and his wife are members of Above Bar Church in Southampton.

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