Protected by Feathers

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This is the story of a motherless little girl, who had four mothers; a
poorly educated child who became a fully trained State Registered Nurse and a fully trained State Certified Midwife, with a diploma in Tropical Nursing.
She also completed a two-year course at Redcliffe Missionary
Training College in London, and spent approximately seven
months in France at a language school learning French.
In September 1970 she went to Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo and worked as a missionary nurse in Zaire until 1984.
While working there, she was hugged within the embrace of an enormous bird and another time found herself in the centre of a
‘Brocken spectre’ (circular rainbow).

She battled flesh eating ants, was struck by lightning, and on occasions found very large paw prints next to hers as she
returned from visiting the maternity unit during the night.
This is her story of God’s care of her as she put her trust in Him to guide and help her through each day she was there.
I know it is true because that little girl is me.

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