Preachers Payday

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What are eternal rewards? What does it mean that teachers will incur a “stricter judgment”? Will all believers be equal in Heaven? How does my present life affect my eternal rewards?

Understanding the fascinating truths about our reward in eternity will alter your ministry, your preaching, and your life. The Bible is unblushing about the wonderful promises of receiving rewards for faithfulness, as well as the chilling reality of forfeiting rewards for negligence with God's gifts. The teaching ministry comes with a special opportunity for reward, and a heightened responsibility for faithfulness. Teachers and preachers of God's word, and all in church leadership at any level, are entrusted with the role of keeping watch over souls.

In this engaging book Clint Archer explores the compelling truth about eternal rewards. He guides us on a biblical tour of the doctrine, as well as connecting the dots for everyday practice and application to the teaching ministry.

About the Author:

Clint Archer is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary, and holds degrees in divinity, theology as well as the Doctorate in expository preaching. In 2005 he became the preaching pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in South Africa, where he currently ministers. Clint is an enthusiastic blogger, and has a passion for short-term missions. He has taught the doctrine of eternal rewards at churches, seminaries, and conferences in eight countries. He and his wife, Kim, have three children and a dog named Spurgeon.


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