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The proverbs are given for our instruction, learning and wisdom for life, and we must allow them to burn themselves into our thinking so that they find their outworking in practice. Wisdom does not merely acknowledge the truth of the statement, it probes deeper to understand why it is so, what the background factors are, and what is to be the best response to it. This should be the reader’s objective in pondering the Book of Proverbs.


Keith Weber taught mathematics for many years before leaving the profession to develop his own business. He has served on the eldership of two local churches and is the author of The Lord of the Sabbath, also published by Day One. He is married with four children and seven grandchildren.


This is a valuable resource for believers who want to get to grips with this very practical and down to earth book in our Bibles. At the end of the book there is a thorough word index and another of Scripture references.

Peter Seccombe, former pastor of Spicer Street Chapel, St Albans

I hope the book has a very wide readership and that the Lord will use it to impart that spiritual wisdom that we so desperately need.

Keith Underhill, former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi

The book of Proverbs is a treasure chest of wisdom. Keith’s book helps us to open up that treasure chest and to see the jewels within in all their beauty … I wholeheartedly commend this book to everyone who wants to seriously study Proverbs.

Kevin Mason, Elder at Kidderminster Evangelical Church

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