Elijah: Man of fire, Man of faith

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When Elijah lived in Israel in 900 BC, truth was being compromised and the people had departed from the worship of the one true God. It was a multi-faith society. There was immorality at the highest level. Toleration trumped truth. True prophets were being persecuted. It was much like Western society today. What can Christians do in such a spiritual and moral climate? Elijah is our great example and inspiration as we dare to contend for the truth, even taking on the religious establishment if necessary. What could be more timely or relevant for the Christian church at the present time?

About the Author

John Cheeseman went to school at Epsom College in Surrey and was converted to the Christian faith at the age of 17, during a Scripture Union houseparty. He studied Classics at Oxford University, before training for pastoral ministry at Trinity College, Bristol. He has served in churches all over the South East of England, most recently at Holy Trinity, Eastbourne, where he was the Vicar of a large town centre church, with a strategic ministry for visitors and holiday makers.

He has now left the pastoring of a single church, in order to concentrate on an itinerant ministry of Bible teaching, which is where his heart really lies. John is the author of 2 publications— Saving Grace (1997) and The Priority of Preaching (2006), (Banner of Truth Trust). He is married to Joy and they have three grown-up children: Peter, David and Cherry.

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